If you want to dispute a claim with your credit card company, you can do it either over the phone, by mail or via email. Sometimes, you may not want to do it by phone because you want a written record of what’s going on. In those cases, you may opt for email. Don’t worry if you aren’t what to say to your credit card company. The FTC (Federal Trade Commision) has a sample script for you:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to dispute a billing error in the amount of [$______] on my account. The amount is inaccurate because [describe the problem]. I am requesting that the error be corrected, that any finance and other charges related to the disputed amount be credited as well, and that I receive an accurate statement.

Enclosed are copies of [use this sentence to describe any information you are enclosing, like sales slips or payment records] supporting my position. Please investigate this matter and correct the billing error as soon as possible.


[Your name]

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